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Our Story

It all begin here


Mr. Chun, The Founder of Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. point out “Currently Consumer are busy group”. In 2012, Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. established a multi-brand operating as one of the home comprehensive store and provide professional services. In order to allow customer to purchase the necessary supplies and satisfaction our consumer need.

创办人张国杰指出 “现在的消费者都是忙忙碌碌的一群。为了让顾客能在一间店里购买所需要的用品和满足他们的需求,鼎昇企业有限公司于2012年在峇株吧辖成立了多品牌经营为一体的居家综合門市店,提供专业的服务。成为引领家居生活的先锋。”

Before that, Mr. Chun, who has experience in awning and construction industry ventured into interior designing and become absolutely obsessed with interior design and decoration. Being the risk-taker and challenge-lover, he started Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. that serves as a one-stop solution for home decoration supplies including kitchen, bathroom, living room and other home products of various brand names. Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. takes pride in their finely picked home product selections that are contemporary yet elegant with the promise of good quality. Our product are coming from Europe, China and Malaysia.


Over the years, Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. has helped many families create the home of their dreams and gained an excellent business reputation within the industry. Now on Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. has expanded its business into the lighting industry and added lighting product display to satisfaction our consumer need.