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We supply various decoration component of living room, kitchen, sanitary, lighting and more.


Finely picked home product selections that are contemporary yet elegant with the promise of good quality.


We love to hearing your dreams, we are also passionate to realize your dreams come true.

Our Story

In 2012, Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. established a multi-brand operating as one of the home comprehensive store and provide professional services. In order to allow customer to purchase the necessary supplies and satisfaction our consumer need.


The Best

Home Decoration Supplier in Johor

Best Quality

Best Quality

We only provide the top-notch product for our customer. Only the best condition will be sell in Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

Latest Design

Latest Design

We supply the latest cabinet designs that will suit with modern life style. We also provide the highest technology for the best practice.

Affordable Price

Affordable Price

We provide an interesting price that others can’t do.


Providing High Quality Product for Your Home

Tin Shen Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. serves as a one-stop solution for home decoration supplies including kitchen, bathroom, living room and other home products of various brand names.

One-Stop Solution for Home Decoration Supplies

Tin Shen provides quality products and services, as well as reasonable prices for consumers to choose. “We mainly focus on after-sales service and win the trust of customers with friendly service.”

Mr. Chun suggested that customers who are busy with work can visit Tin Shen’s website to check the products or brands they want to buy. So that they can come directly to the store to buy the desired products. When you step into the Tin Shen, the furnishings and displays in the store are divided into categories and at a glance.Tin Shen staff will provide professional service to solve customer troubles and doubt.






Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen is one of the important section in your house. It is also a favorite place to do activities with your lovely family and friends. That is why we here to help you creating a good design and environment.

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Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom can be quiet and relaxing, especially on a long day's work. And here's why we can change your bathroom to the therapeutic part. With the good features delivered in our products, you can enjoy ``my time`` at the most satisfied level.

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Every furniture need fittings, a small part on or attached to a piece of furniture or equipment for your home.

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Special Promotion

We provide special promotion to our clients.

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Outdoor is a special section for you to refresh your mind. It can be a garden, a waterfall landscape, or wide space full of grass. We offer variety decoration for your exterior landscape.

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